I thought this might be a good place to keep some stuff, in ye olde scrapbook style. It is a hotchpotch of many aspects of my life:

I’m Christian. I also celebrate the cross quarter days, solstices, equinoxes & have been attuning myself to the celebrations of the Celtic Year as  I enjoy spending time with God celebrating the seasons and the Wheel of the Year.

I like thinking about ideas, beliefs, views, opinions, philosophies & enjoy hearing how different people see life.

I like poetry, writing, reading, music, art, film. When I enjoy something I like to share it.

I enjoy watching Rugby.

I enjoy getting to spend time outside, walking or cycling, or simpling being around a fire/ BBQ. When I ever get round to it I also enjoy swimming.

I attempt to play several musical instruments, have a smattering of French and am attempting to learn Welsh, Maltese, and ancient Greek.

I have a motorbike.

I care a great deal about health and social care in the UK. And further afield.

I find gardening & growing my own food has increased my appreciation for, and understanding of, the cycle of seasons in the UK. It has also reminded me of many environmental issues which are of importance day to day and for the future.

I think social justice and peacemaking matters for each of us, and we all have something unique which we can contribute.

I think God is there and loves people and Jesus demonstrates this for all.

Hopefully by this point, any boredom/ curiosity on your part has been satiated, cos that’s all for now folks.


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