The difference between power and importance

A little phrase on the radio jarred me for attention yesterday. It was describing the gathering of NATO leaders, and said that the “most important people in the world” were gathering in Cardiff that evening. It just didn’t sit right to hear them described that way. Working life has helped put the image into stark contrast.

Over two days I had the privilege of a small role in caring for someone who was dying, ensuring their passing was comfortable and peaceful. Family members from far and wide were sent for and gathered around. A conversation with the dying person enabled fears to be addressed and spiritual support was also sent for, as well as various medical and social forms of assistance. The family was capable and loving and the patient’s last days were spent surrounded in care and love.

Comparing the two gatherings described, I would say that the former, with members of NATO, is one of those with power and control, largely military and financial. But the gathering of the most important people in Cardiff? That happened in a house like many others, away from the spotlight, where a human being breathed their last in the presence of embodied love.



You can probably tell I’ve been chewing over Jesus’ ideas from Matthew chapter 20 and Mark chapter 10.