Mind Altering Beliefs

So I was struggling to put into words in several recent conversations how I’ve managed to go from being a young christian girl who thought she would have to vow to obey her husband if she was to be “really christian” (and therefore that singleness was looking a remarkably attractive option) to realising I’m going to struggle to be an active participant in a church that doesn’t recognise the ministry of women as elders/priests/teachers/presbyters/ministers etc.

Then I saw this blog post from the Beaker Folk. In know I’m a fangirl, but still, I need to quote verbatim:

“We are celebrating because the Church of England furthered the Kingdom of God when it ordained women as priests. And though “celebrating” is an odd word to use regarding Christ being crucified, we are celebrating something that is an outworking of Christ crucified. Because by making us all free, he has set us all free to serve in the way the Spirit calls us.”



Actually as an addendum, there’s this BBC magazine article with stunning photos that seems to put into pictures this concept very well indeed:


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