Easter 2014 – Discombobulating

Today’s word of the day is Discombobulate… a word with so many uses and application.


To begin with discombobulating, I thought I might start with a few helpful links for people who may have decided (unused to and unprepared) to attend a church this Easter Weekend. These are mostly written with a lens on the Church of England, but I think they may have a broader application…

* The Perfect Welcome Leaflet… everything you needed to know

* What the sign should have said…

* A Guide to a “Cafe Church”

* A Useful Dictionary

* What to expect when you first walk in…

* Guidance for “the Peace”… get a t-shirt

* Other Attendees

The Other group of Clarifications seem mainly aimed at clergy, ministers, and other assorted “up the front/ in the middle” people, but they may also prove useful:

“Nice Sermon Vicar”

The importance of astronomy

Church Vacancy adverts



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