Bookmarked for Future Study

So I’ve had a few tabs open on my browser and realised I’m not going to get round to watching/ listening/reading/ thinking about them in any great depth for some little while yet, so I thought I’d add them to my scrapbook on here of interesting stuff for thought:

Can you be LGBT and Christian?

Christians are a Cause of LGBT Oppression

Along which theme:

God Gays Punishment

Something Tongue in Cheek that links to another topic I’ve done a LOT of reading about: The Titus 2 Treatment

And an excellent cartoon on the errors of literallist inerrancy as a hermeneutic (or maths… depending on your perspective):


Finally several items that I think are linked together by the idea of listening to one another’s stories.

Dear Mr Cameron…

The Power of Miracles

Telling Stories From Africa



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