Bookmarked for Future Study

So I’ve had a few tabs open on my browser and realised I’m not going to get round to watching/ listening/reading/ thinking about them in any great depth for some little while yet, so I thought I’d add them to my scrapbook on here of interesting stuff for thought:

Can you be LGBT and Christian?

Christians are a Cause of LGBT Oppression

Along which theme:

God Gays Punishment

Something Tongue in Cheek that links to another topic I’ve done a LOT of reading about: The Titus 2 Treatment

And an excellent cartoon on the errors of literallist inerrancy as a hermeneutic (or maths… depending on your perspective):


Finally several items that I think are linked together by the idea of listening to one another’s stories.

Dear Mr Cameron…

The Power of Miracles

Telling Stories From Africa


Fire Blessing

In discussing possible appropriate prayers for the day a friend composed this on the spur of the moment, and it seems absolutely apt:

 In honor of the Four Fires of St. Brigid:

Thanks be to God for the fire of the Hearth–may my home always be warm and welcoming.

Thanks be to God for the fire of the Smith–may my labors always bear good fruit.

Thanks be to God for the fire of Inspiration–may the good Lord Jesus always kindle my imagination.

Thanks be to God for the fire of His Holy Spirit–may I always seek and understand God’s guidance.


(composed by Dolores… also known as Dreamdeer… other writings collated here.)