So… rather uncharacteristically, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about relationships… the going out with someone and possibly living “happily ever after” with them kind. I’m blaming St Dwynwen.

Anyway, just last night I was discussing with friends the strange mix of similarities and differences that make for a strong relationship. You want some similarities so there is common ground and experience to share (surely that’s part of the benefits of being “in a relationship”), but you don’t want to be too similar, different strengths/weaknesses/interests/independence from one another are offer a greater possibility for helping each other out.

Then a friend brought this blog to my attention:

Why you weren’t ready for marriage

And I liked it. Cos I’m not. (not that it’s in the immediate future!) And generally nobody is anyway. But there might be a good purpose in it all the same.

So the benefit of marriage is you get a real life way to incarnate God’s love to another human being… of course that’s the tough bit too… but I’m sure there’s some promises about help with that loving one another thing.

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