Scrapbook of a New Year

So here it is… 2014… may it be better than the last year and bring blessing, light and peace.

In the last few weeks there’s been loads of little tabs open on here, so I thought it’s time for me to collect them into my scrapbook… sorry no coherent theme.

There’s a couple of things I’ve found on various sites re: experiences of God/gods/and interpreting cards that I though were interesting enough to read into a little more:

Tarot, Trumps and Affirmations

Tarot Read with Christian Spectacles

10 Extraordinary Sacred Sites (Britain)


A Sociologist lives among Christian Fundamentalists

Beloved life – body prayers -praying beatitudes


And then there’s a couple of interesting health themed ones:

James Bond is an impotent drunk

Aspiring Journalist dies during time embedded as homeless man

A parent talking about growing up unvaccinated


And then a few that seem tailor made for the new year, whether innovations, resolutions, or concerns to address:

Hell freezes over

Honeybee Shortage

Solar power innovations for refugees

11 Scientifically proven Resolutions

Some less realistic resolutions

Some excellent advice for all innkeepers


Finally there were a couple of brilliant observations of the natural world that I felt I needed to scrapbook for future use.

Plants and Bugs

Sex and Slimy Things

In relation to that last one, I ended up having an unexpectedly in depth conversation the other evening, with someone talking to me about how he felt he could see the story of the theory of evolution in the Genesis creation narratives. Something came to mind at the time that seemed a bit inspired. I said that I thought with the text itself, written to the people that it was, in the time it was, they key theme of these narratives is to tell us that, yes the world is beautiful and good (and frightening and messed up) and chaotic… but into the middle of that God is speaking order, pattern, purpose… And I thought that’s basically the basis of scientific method… look at this vast universe… with our tiny little perspectives and rapidly firing neurons….. and expect to find patterns and order… so back to a quote:

“Where God always is, I reckon. Beneath, and within, and between, and sustaining everything. The designer and the upholder, the developer and the run-time environment, the one within which the slimy things live, and move, and have their slimy being.”




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