Solstice & Christmas Musical Meditation

A little bit of a youtube link frenzy follows…

So this started out with me thinking of something for the Winter Solstice and wondering what musical stuff we could listen to as a collective that would reflect this turn of the year. In the end the most fitting tribute to the end of the longest night seemed to be to get together for a walk, but I thought as we’re all scattered to the four winds for the rest of this holiday season, I might as well share some internet based joy for us all instead.

Midwinter’s always been one of my favourite festivals, even before I knew it existed, my subconscious mind had tuned in to the changes in light, and I have long looked forward to this tipping point in the year. From here onwards, however long and dark the nights, it’s still getting lighter. This year, having contained much sorrow, reflections in the shadows seem most apt. I think that’s probably what I appreciate most about this poem:

Winter Solstice Shadows

I thought that same mood infuses this song, aptly named Solstice Song by Finley & Pagdon:

Someone has also set some lovely winter landscapes to a piece of music by Enya entitled And Winter Came:

And then there is another video, this time with music from Fleet Foxes, but with a beautiful series of slides that take you right through the cycle of the year:


After listening to these reflecting the dark season, it seemed a matter of balance to then look to the opposite theme, the returning of the light. A random search for the words “not so dark” came up with this little gem:

And then (I almost feel like I should say, of course!) something from Hildegard of Bingen… Lux Vivens (Living Light):


Finally, I thought a focus on Christmas itself, the incarnation.

Along that theme this Santa vs Jesus spoken word thing seemed good entertainment, as well as food for thought:

In particular, it brought out for me, the focus on Jesus being Emmanuel, God with us; our brother, Jesus. Which of course links seamlessly to this piece of music:

And I think that theme ties in with another, most elegantly expressed through the medium of song:


Challenging doesn’t even begin to cover the title of that one! So here’s something else Christmassy and lighthearted to cheer us up… look out for the guinea pigs:


One comment on “Solstice & Christmas Musical Meditation

  1. […] As we are all scattered to the four winds for the next month or so, I thought perhaps this week we could do a Collective Videodrome. I’ve tried to start things off with a seasonal collection on my personal blog: Solstice & Christmas Meditation […]

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