So… every now and then I come across a blog in the world of the internets that makes me want to yell… that’s so true… and that… and that… and I get a little bit addicted. My latest Obsession is Jamie the Very Worst Missionary.

Particular Delicacies include this outstandingly simple observation on being depressed when you’re a Christian… (for any Brits who actually read this, I researched, Zoloft = Sertraline). I’m not sure that it gets any easier even if you’re not surrounded by Christianese… at least if this rather witty series of cartoons are anything to go by…

21 Comics that capture the frustration of depression

Anyway the next favourite example was this one, from later in the same year, I believe a friend of mine would refer to this understanding as “flow”… I quite like the Taco is Amazing… TA for short 🙂

And then something which made me smile the first time I read and even more so after church this morning. (During which the visiting minister kept making reference to God’s Spirit arousing people… I think he meant rousing from sleep… but it wasn’t a little slip of the tongue… he kept repeating the phrase… all through the sermon! I had to keep my eyes firmly fixed on the chair in front and bite my bottom lip… I don’t have a subtle laugh and its an echoey kind of building)



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