Changing the Tense

This Poem is not mine. It was written by Emma Craig, and published on “a Tribute to Burnie,” a group initially letting us know funeral arrangements and then sharing memories of a lovely friend who passed away, May 2007. But chatting through a recent bereavement with a friend this evening I was reminded of it, especially of these last two lines.

Changing the tense

Changing the tense
From present to past:
‘lives’ to ‘lived’
‘does’ to ‘did’
‘love’ to ‘loved’

A smiling photo in a frame
A raw ache whenever I hear your name
I miss your chat,
and stories, and wacky dress sense, and strong opinions, and badly delivered jokes, and articulate emails and travel blog,
and even your annoying traits,
like chomping on apples.. and how you blew your nose, a clicked your fingers as you walk around the house
And wrinkled up your whole brow…

Tributes online,
letters, cards, chats
Unsuspecting memories lurking round random corners
A table laid for one less,
A hole that can never be filled,
If only you knew how much we all love you,
Love, not loved

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