Music for this Morning and other tales

This morning’s morning prayer had this old hymn as it’s song and I’ve always like this video someone made to go with it being sung by Sufjan Stevens.

Which led me to a few other Sufjan Stevens songs on youtube:
Sister Winter
For the Widows in Paradise
God’ll ne’er let you down

Then there was this BBC news article about a great hearted minister in Scotland called Aftab Gohar.
“A Church of Scotland minister who lost his mother and other close relatives in a suicide attack on a church in Pakistan has said he forgives their killers…  We pray that they may one day develop the wisdom to understand that it is not right to kill children and other innocent people. There were 125 children in Sunday school that day. My sister was teaching there. Forgiving is what we learn from the Lord Jesus Christ. That is why I forgive.”

There’s a few stories I’ve had as open tabs on the computer for some time, waiting to comment, but there hasn’t seemed a right time. I still don’t think there is, but I’m not sure there’s going to be one, not for a long time, and they are things I still want to say.
There was this on the BBC children’s news service, about the excruciating wait for people with serious mental health problems. I’m pretty sure this one made the news because it involved children and Anorexia, but there are plenty of heart rending tales to be told in adult psychiatry too, for less “cool” illnesses like OCD (the proper debilitating disorder, not the slight quirks some people have) and major depression… These waits can kill, this lack of priority for mental health DOES kill and debilitate lives. Not sure what to do to get this across sometimes,  though chatting to a friend we did wonder if we could rebrand mental health as “brain cancer” to at least get some research funding…

On a similar theme there was this news article, reporting findings that people with mental health problems are treated differently when reporting crimes. And yet there are so many articles in the news that fail to get across that not only does mentally ill NOT mean violent, but that this is in fact an area of health that makes you more likely to experience violent crime!

Another thing which caught my eye in the news was this about a rise in 15 minute care visits. I found it interesting to think about how and why this situation is occurring. Essentially the bottom line seems to be that those organising care and home support have had to try to make the same/less amount of money provide more care for more people. It is a zero sum game, and some people are bound to lose out. Not that every 15 minute care visit is inappropriate, but there are times when it is blatantly unrealistic!

Then there was this video to begin a series on the BBC following 100 Women. I think it can speak for itself, as can this fabulous one about Malala Yousafzai. Sometimes the deck being stacked against you seems to provoke a fierce response of determination that is inspiring.


There has been this article in the Church Times about Forest Church… If you kneel down in the woods today…

It’s something that’s been a growing interest for the last couple of years and seems to sit very well with the Celtic wheel of the year celebrations, so I was pleased to see it receiving a welcome from others.

And a couple of interesting things from the natural world:
Elephants showing an innate understanding of human gesture
and this project Abundance which reminded me of Orchard Cardiff.

There was this rather interesting artistic venture, called the Minimum Bible Project. Minimalism is not a style that gels with me that naturally, although I appreciate the clean lines and orderliness, I rebel against the simplification of complexity. However, that said I did find that even for me, some of these images were extraordinarily communicative.

There’s this which I came across today from Suli Breaks Some great insight and spoken word work.

Lots of snippets from a wider world, wider than my own personal grieving, and yet intersecting with it at the moment. So I’ll finish with a link to a post I wrote last night, when it seemed that someone in the pub had somehow decided to play a number of very poignant songs (in a lift music style/ pub background music way). Community and Communion.


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