Communing with Trees

A friend posted this on her blog about a recent meeting with a tree, and she opened up a discussion about “do other people do this?” and “what do you think is going on?”

My first thought was “aaargh how do you put that into words!”… so I borrowed some from the Beaker Folk and a “cosmic Christ” image that I thought were good starters for me.

But I eventually found some words, so I thought I’d keep them on here.

So to start with, yes, I quite often say “hello” to trees, the sun, the moon, the sea, my beloved van, my pets, animals I meet… it feels more like greeting an old friend or a distant relative than anything else… with God being the loving connection between us and around us.

I’ve never really figured which “ism” it properly fits into, though I think from my reading so far that Panentheism/ Christian Orthodoxy fit. (I still haven’t figured out if the two are truly separate or if that’s one of those, “it depends who you’re talking to/ how you explain the terms” scenarios).

I also tried to explain how I understand these experiences, eventually, though first I thought: I don’t remember a time before when I didn’t feel connected to the natural world in this way, so I think that might be one reason I find it hard to put down into words, like trying to think about just how exactly you walk. However, saying that, I’m going to attempt putting some thoughts out there… I may be some time.

I think from Orthodox Christian Theology, The Bible, and my own sputtering experience, I find that:

The Creator is there.

The Greatest and Good Spirit holds all being together.

The One Made Human is with us, knows us, is close to our hearts.

God is Good. God is Love. God is present. God is over all and seen in all.

And then in that light, I experience that I am me, and I am connected by the Love of the Creator to this particular tree. Somehow in that light, tree is more than just a hollow noun, it is the name of a fellow creature from the heart of Love. And I am more really me. So I suppose that’s how I see it, a glimpse, a revelation of a truth that’s always there, and not yet fulfilled.


There were others who put things better (and more succinctly) too, so I thought I’d save some of their words for recollection.

Talking to trees is talking to Earth Family created as kin in the image of God…

I think im talking to the tree and god. As god is in everything that lives moves and has its being. I love trees and the silver birch that i see every time I open the front door has such a calming presence. Utterly speechless. God is every where, in everything and if we are open is constantly communicating in and thro creation. A magical world,