The Joy of Guinea Pigs

The last few months have been pretty rough, but there has been a constant friend helping me with getting up in the morning, giving unconditional love and cuddles, and purposeful activity… my guinea pig 🙂

As such I’ve been looking at ways I could improve his life… and I’ve come across a new caging system that (I hope) means some day I’ll be able to give him an even more extensive indoor run 🙂 In the mean time, I’m filing the resource pages here, because it’s quite difficult to find this stuff in the UK as compared to the states!

This one explains a bit more about C&C caging, as it’s known: piggiepigpigs

And then these are places I’ve found to get the wire bit in the UK:

Robert May (plain wire)

Find My Supplies (black safco)

Pet Den on Amazon

Safco Black on Amazon

white wire on ebay

I also came across this very nice summary of good piggie foodie treats 🙂 North East Guinea Pig Rescue