Food for thought

My TED talks addiction has continued, and amongst the moutnain of talks listened to over the last couple of days, there were these two. They got me thinking about worldviews and how sometimes people who see the world in very different ways can make a path to communicate meaningfully with one another.

East vs West

Atheism 2.0




The last few months have held many down times for me, but there have been many moments that have inspired my awe and wonder. Some of these are very personal to family & friends, but this contains a few things which may help covey some of that beauty:

Spiro : best seen live:

Cirkus Cirkor creating a beautiful piece of art & showmanship around the music of Rebekka Karijord:

And from today, the Antikythera Device… Michael Wright if you ever read this, I would happily sell many books to buy a reconstruction (as that is like pulling teeth for me, that’s big). Find Out more about it on the beeb: BBC

Reminded of another this morning, two beautiful versions of this song, What wondrous love is this: