Surprising Christian Links

One which seems an expected sort of thing to find on a Christian Blog is this… except I think there’s a surprising twist in the title: Confession without Shame

And then there’s this, which I found, unexpectedly, on the TEDs talk site: Billy Graham


Maundy Thursday & Good Friday

Having not grown up experiencing the liturgical year celebrations, I have really enjoyed discovering them for myself over the years. Thursday evening began the Easter weekend with friends from pub church celebrating a Messianic Passover feast together. Obviously singing “Dayenu” was a highlight 😉 but I was also touched by the inclusiveness to vegetarian friends of a beetroot (a vegetable that bleeds, as an alternative to the lamb) and the many links between the ritual & Jesus words & deeds as he went to his death, Dayenu.

Then Good Friday itself, I had some time to myself to meditate on the story & burn some Myrhh & Frankincence. Thought I’d share some of the meditations on here:

Luke 22-23 (on the audio bibles online)

O Sacred Head, Now Wounded

Matthew 26 & 27

Death of a Son

John 19

Isaiah 53

Christ the Priest Above Us – Carmina Gadaelica

And then in the evening I had a roast, though in deference to the vegetarian in my life, beetroot & red wine, but no lamb. And today some eggs (real) & some chocolate buttons… the beginnings of hope for Easter Sunday. I’m also enjoying listening to the Preston Passion as I type this.

But today is Easter Saturday, between the days of pain & hope, and therefore it’s apt that I get off the blog and get on with my list of jobs, until the celebrations tomorrow.