Community 2

This week I’ve been having a rough time, and have therefore been appreciating  some other forms of community available with dispersed friends & family. Ones that happen fairly often are phone calls, texts and emails, but this week I’ve had two letters, both arriving at just the time I felt I needed them! I’ve been rediscovering the joy of communicating this way, and there’s something lovely and personal and tangible about receiving a letter. The first came from a friend with lots of lovely news and encouraging cards enclosed, and the second from friends very far away: Sarah&Dom. I remember picking a date for them to write, but I can’t honestly recall the reason for that date in particular (they’d suggested they’d write on birthdays and such). Somehow or other (naturally, I suspect God’s weaving in this) I received it today, and it has helped sweeten some less welcome news and put it in perspective. I also had that lovely experience on the phone last night to my sister, where you reconnect with someone that you haven’t talked properly with for a long time. I kept finding myself thinking, who’s this wise woman I’m speaking with, where did she learn that? It was good to learn from her own “windy path.” And I have a pubchurch lunch with all the kids to look forward to tomorrow. Many, many reminders to me of a saying I first heard in Malawi: God is good, all the time, nthawi zonse, mulungu wabwino, even if (as I learned from my dictionary, trying to spell these correctly) masiku sakoma onse, not all days are Sundays.


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