Miscellaneous News & Ideas

First a few things on health related schemes. Regarding the news about the RCGP and the Health Bill, I really don’t know why anyone is baffled… The college, being apolitical, committed to work with ministers as much as they could to try to ensure the best interests of patients… the ministers have not listened, the bill remains unaltered in being a mess of beurocracy & competition that will rip apart the NHS… the college realising that they have done as much as they can through cooperation are now coming out in opposition… IF YOU DON’T LISTEN TO THE KEY GROUP OF PROFESSIONALS AFFECTED BY YOUR LEGISLATION WHAT ON EARTH DID YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN?! Ahem. Apologies, but it just seems self evident. This blog: Our NHS discusses the important issues and highlights that EVERYONE WHO HAS HAD/ MAY HAVE NEED OF THE NHS should BE INVOLVED IN CAMPAIGNING.

On a different theme, I have found a collection of introvert blogs & articles on here that I have really appreciated…

Quiet: The Power of Introverts

Step Into My World

Introverts (pop psychology esque but ok)

Birth of a Social Networking Loner

I am particularly intrigued by the book, I think I shall have to start making more use of my library card 🙂

In other news… Dale Farm… of course it’s ridiculous, you evict people from their family & community & they have no where else to go, what else is going to happen! And if there are ‘new faces’ deciding to be in solidarity with people in difficulty… good on them. Especially in this Chilly weather, I doubt it’s that comfortable a life at the mo!

And finally, a campaign that I have been really pleased about: Time to Change Especially worth having a look at some of the pictures.



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