Discussion by Youtube

This isn’t my two pence worth, rather a collation of videos in response to this one: Why I hate religion, but love Jesus.

Catholic Perspective Response

Thepursuitblog guy’s response

Atheist Dude Response

Muslim Response

In defense of the original video

Interesting to follow the debates I think 🙂


Along this theme I have more recently come across this: http://www.mikemorrell.org/2012/02/why-i-hate-religion-but-love-jesus-responses-from-a-preacher-a-muslim-and-kermit/


Health & Social Care News

A hotch potch of news stories that I’ve picked up on in the last few days:

So the GPs still don’t like the health bill:

RCGP Announcement and Survey Details

(and in other news pope remains catholic).

And a very sad story about an operation going sadly wrong: BBCnews most interesting thing to me was the quote from the family: “We appreciated Mr Carter’s honesty and him coming along here today…” such a painfully hard lesson learned, but I think a good example of being open, transparent & honest when theings go wrong.

And the defeats of some particularly despicable legislation in the welfare reform bill: BBCpolitics

This update also particularly amused me:

And on an unrelated note, hurrah for passing on traditions: oldnewyear