I was having a fairly in depth chat the other day, discussing how I was always encouraged as a child to ask questions, no matter how awkward, or how I thought they might be answered, to question and grapple with life for answers, because reality could always stand up to such questioning. It’s been funny reading some guardian articles recently (in their belief section) discussing “religion & science” and especially reading the comments on them as there seems such a marked contrast in attitude. For articles that at first glance are promoting reasoning and debate, there’s something odd about how an adversarial approach to something, whether an article or a comment stream, leads to a closing down of the questioning mind. There’s precious little genuine questioning there that I could see, and what little there was was soon flooded by all kinds of belittling, dogmatic comments from all perspectives. Made me think again how much I appreciate people who give space for genuine dialogue and heartfelt open questioning… which brings me to a couple of blog posts that I found both encouraging in that respect, and which moved me to tears:

The Empty Chair



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