Privatisation of Health

As the recent grilling of Andrew Lansley by GPs demonstrates, those pushing forward this bill are working with a completely different definition of the term to that of, for example, the World Health Organisation. They also therefore seem to be attempting to use that difference of definition to avoid answering questions related to the plethora of evidence that market based healthcare (however labelled) reduces efficiency and increases inequalities. As time is limited tonight and there are plenty of papers to read, thought I’d share a few links that join up the dots on this line of thinking.

Further Privatisation under The Bill

The Role of EU Competition Law

An Extreme Example, using lighting

Vultures Circling?

I have to say, the more I read international development research, the more depressing I find the detail of this bill. As an antidote, to at least map out an alternative thinking pattern, I have appreciated reading “Development as Freedom” by Amartya Sen.


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